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Tell her some reason about your feelings why love her if you tell it’s true i hope she will understand about your feel also
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Love is sweet, love is pure, love is bitter, and love is dreadful. Love is really hard to define since it​ is all a mix of feeling. However, when you get know more what love is, you will discover many wonderful things that love can show you. In this article, you will get to know 10 facts about love that you have never known. 1. Falling in love i... (More)
On Friday, the last the day of the week at school,  after finishing my advanced reading class at 11:00 a.m, I was in rush to have lunch as normal. Immediately, in the hall walk, I coincidentally met my friend, Chhon, walking with his friends. We used to study together in the foundation year, but now we are in a different class because of choos... (More)
How well do you know your partner? Knowing well about your partner can make your relationship more familiar. I don’t know how you treat your partner each other, but if you prefer to improve, it is time for you to ask the right questions. Intimating relationship is as simple as eating rice if you practice questions in each separated part of qu... (More)
Immediately, we hear this question, it sounds crazy, right? Why do we have to do that? But if there is no this case, this question won’t be asked as well. Again, is it worth to attract the ones who dislike us? The answer is not easy to find and explain. To answer this, we need psychological sources to discuss Why Do We Love Those Who Dislik... (More)
To a woman as a wife now, you might be willing to make your family harmonious. Perhaps, you take off your personal interest and needs to fulfill the whole family’s happiness. How responsible you are! But… sometimes your spouse life seems to go wrong, especially about your husband. Curiously, we would like to show you some signs of your... (More)
We are so honorable to invite you to meet up with us at our event called “ Open Up Your Door” on purposes to coincide your potential persons who are willing to see you randomly, and then establish the free talk and other activities about love consequences with our distinguished speaker, DJ NaNa. Don’t you still have enough gut to... (More)