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Tell her some reason about your feelings why love her if you tell it’s true i hope she will understand about your feel also
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“More than Blue” was originally a Korean film released back in 2009, and a Taiwanese remake with the same movie title (比悲伤更悲伤的故事) was recently released. The literal translation of the title is “A Story Sadder than Sadness”. Synopsis The story revolves around two orphans named K (played by Jasper Liu) ... (More)
On Friday, the last the day of the week at school,  after finishing my advanced reading class at 11:00 a.m, I was in rush to have lunch as normal. Immediately, in the hall walk, I coincidentally met my friend, Chhon, walking with his friends. We used to study together in the foundation year, but now we are in a different class because of choos... (More)
What is the definition of true love? In your perspective, what does your true love mean to you and how does it looks like? Puuung, who is an illustrator will show you how true love looks like in these adorable illustrations below. 1. Love is doing little things 2. Love is helping each other 3. Love is missing each other 4. Love is m... (More)
He is a heartless person. Why do you still love him? The reason that he leaves you makes you hurt, right? Just let him go since nothing lasts forever. People come and go. Since he is heartless, there is no use to keep him. 1. He does not care about your feeling They said caring is sharing. What if he never cares or shares anything with you. Is ... (More)
Being a woman is not an easy thing, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Women need to deal with many difficult circumstances during their pregnancy. Therefore, they will experience many things that they should or should not do while being pregnant. Do Not Drink Coffee Coffee is known to have a bad effect on the mother and baby’s he... (More)
We are so honorable to invite you to meet up with us at our event called “ Open Up Your Door” on purposes to coincide your potential persons who are willing to see you randomly, and then establish the free talk and other activities about love consequences with our distinguished speaker, DJ NaNa. Don’t you still have enough gut to... (More)