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Notice 6 points if you want to know your man is a real guy

Love in the 21st century is hard to know that they truly love you, not just cheating in a relationship. Particularly, when we are supposed to be with a handsome guy because those are hard to trust. The reason is they have choices.

However, true or fake love we need to figure it out because “Action speaks louder than words”. Want to know what these actions are all about, let’s read together:

1. They value/respect you


It's the first thing women should know it. Remember, if someone does not value other women, they do not deserve you. Notice their personality traits, their thoughts as well as opinion and their actions to women, how well they treat the women. Men who truly love you will always value you, support your decision, and know what your needs. Particularly, they are not those who always judge you by the mistakes you have made or by your past.

2. They respect their words


Those who truly love you will take actions more than words, and always accomplish what they have promised with you. The main point is that they will immediately prove you what they say.

3. They are not afraid to reveal their weaknesses to you


Men rarely show their weakness to anyone because they feel ashamed, but for their loved one, they are not afraid to show it. Men are also human beings. Men can’t cry? You’re wrong, but they just do not like to show them in front of you, and if they are brave enough to express their true feelings to you, you are considered to be the most important person.

4. He loves you for who you are


He does not love you because you are the sexiest, prettiest, or stylish girl, but he loves the character, behavior, attitudes, and personality of who you are.

5. He will protect you both physically and emotionally


It does not mean that women cannot protect themselves, but he's always worried about you all the time. He supports you with everything and does not disappoint you. He will not let anyone harm you very easily, and if someone does, they will taste the lesson of life.

He's the person who understands everything about you, no matter what you think, he knows all the time. He knows what your special needs and he will never let you fight alone.

6. Loyalty and Honesty

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This is the most important thing because if they tell you they love you, they must be honest to you. Especially, it is absolutely not to flirt around with other women, but in case this happens, then you should ask him for an honest discussion.

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Un Tola (22 · M) an English Article Writer of a certain Japanese IT company.
Together with 80 Cambodian members aim for Cambodian First IT Company.

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