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Man! If you want your girlfriend to wait to marry you, Pleas

I am the one who still strongly believe that true love that comes from the heart and heart still exists. But some real lovers are ended up because of the word "Waiting". Honestly, it is the biggest risk for a girl to wait for a man to marry her. Even though she loves him so much, it still has some fear in her mind to wait for the unexpected future. So, guys, if you really love to marry your girlfriend as a good husband, you should make your girlfriend wait with warm, secure mind by doing the following points below:

1. Arrange an engagement

 Marry you

If you are able to engage, it is the best thing. The engagement is a strong bond of traditional agreement that both parents value and respect most. For her, she will feel a lot of warmth that her future husband is very willing to promise and face with the living parents as a witness.

2. Describe the goals and reasons for waiting

Goal and Plan

As a man, you cannot just tell your girlfriend to wait for you, and you do nothing to make it happens as fast as possible. No one can invest their time and love to a person who has no willing and affords to achieve what they promise. Even though you now don’t have enough resources such property, good reputation or good job, you should have a clear explanation of your goal and action whether it can guarantee that you can be a good man for her or not, even her family.

3. Prove that you really have worked so hard to make it happen


Whether you ask them to wait for three or four years if you do not try to seek more resources, add more afford to fulfill your duty to be able to get married as quickly as possible. It is difficult to keep people’s mind stay without proving that we are up to do it successfully. Eventually, she will leave you for any reason that is not beside this thing.

4. Still keep in touch and pay attention well with her


Even if you asked her for permission to earn resources or get a better job and now you are very busy to succeed it, you should not leave her away. Anyway, you have to take some time to spend with her, no matter what happens, people still need satisfaction from the one they love. On the other hand, you should not only stay connected and pay attention to your sweetheart, her parents and relatives should also keep a good relationship and love for them more and more.

Authored by: Udom KROCH 

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