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9 Signs the Person You're Dating Is NOT Right for You

According to the research, 39% of men have confessed their love for the girl they love during the first month after dating. However, it does not say that this is a strong relationship. In addition, scientists have suggested that this relationship might be an honest relationship but that does not mean the relationship can last forever together.

Today, "BeLoves" would like to introduce you all of these sign of the person you are dating is not right for, especially the women who want to date someone or observe their partner’s actions after the date.

1. They are considered straightforward after dating the first day


Psychologists have suggested that generally romantic love relationships should be respected for at least two months before reaching the stage of being "sweetheart". Time flies and people can change too, but those who love you will never change.

If he is not used to spending the time to get to know you, it is clear that he just loves you for his sake just in a period of time and then they will definitely change.

2. They name you with the sweetest name


According to the research, naming your sweetheart with the sweet name is such a good thing to enhance your relationship become stronger, but it only works for those who have been together for a long time already, not for those who have just made the first date.

Some psychologists have suggested that if you just had a first date, and he called you "honey," "sweetheart" or "babe", you should observe with this type of person.

3. Looks like he is ready to go to meet your parents and even plan to live with you


Mostly, this happens to women. She always has an overthinking related to her marriage life. They even find their daughter or son’s name already. BUT this is normal for women, but it is quite weird when men have talked to you about this plan when he just first date you. They have planned about this and want to declare this relationship with you They are wanting to be introduced to your parents and also want to bring you to their parent’s house.

It sounds romantic, right?

But this does not mean he loves to build a long-term future with you though. It can be a trick to make you happy instead. So, you will fall in him deeply until you are late to realize you are a fool.

4. They seem to start things in a hurry


According to many experts, a couple can live harmoniously together, but before this happen they must answer with these few questions first in order to understand each other before they come to live together. Do this so that they do not break apart after a short period of time together. If a man hurries to decide such important things like this, we may need to find out about him, and why is he so rushing? Sometimes, they might be tempted to get you without understanding your personality as well as your ways of living. It is completely weird.

5. Jealousy


Many psychologists believe that a relationship that is not trusted, is more likely to cause a lot of frustration with the partner. Based on these experts, one thing that every woman should think about if you encounter such kind of this person, you should find a way to solve the problem in the first place, avoiding this problem would effect to your relationship or cause the violence.

6. They always want to meet you and cut off all their friends and loved ones


It is one of the most important things in a relationship for a couple who has just been dating for the first time. Let’s take a look at this guy, he seems wanting to get a real love with you, it is all great but it may be some few bad things too. When a man wants to spend all their free time on his favorite girlfriend while it is just a new beginning, it is actually not really good. Many psychologists suggest that the starting relationship should not meet up very often but instead, they should start developing their relationships step by step

In this case, there is no need to cut off all your time from your friends or siblings just to satisfy your loved ones. At some point, your first dating guy might ask all your times to be with him, set your life zone by limiting your friends, your way of livings and not even giving you space to make new friends. Are you sure that this is the way of loving someone?

7. They make a phone call or send a message to you even though they know exactly it is not an appropriate time.


If the guy takes care of you, it's the best thing for you, but sometimes it is too much to take care of you but not caring about your rights. You should be careful with these people, this kind of man. Sometimes they even call you and not even care whether it is during your work hours or middle of the night.

In this case, it has already shown you a disrespectful action already. These things will happen most of the time in the future, and the argument of a tiny problem will be started.

8. They want to have a long trip with you


Traveling together helps you discover the difference between you and your partner because in this situation, it is difficult to perform as a great man. However, traveling together is one of the most romantic things in the world, but it's good to avoid to have a long trip with your newly relationship. The problem is “you actually don’t know him at all”

Experts advised you to plan your trip together, but at least you should date him at least seven times in a row first.

9. You have no rights


The man who protecting you all the time is the most lovely man ever. However, all this depends on the circumstances. If the man behaves like a great man by looking down on the waiter in front of you, throw away the coffee to the floor or even worse if he through it to the waiter because your coffee is not tasty. Then you should consider whether or not to take this man into your life.

This action is quite cool for him to express the way he cares for you, but for you do you really is it cool?

Have you ever had a personal life experience related to this relationship but it only lasts in a short time? If so, please share your story here.


Authored by: Un Tola 

“Every individual is unique&so is each relationship. So maybe there’s no one who would understand this”

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