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Why Choose Private Relationship?

Love” is one of the controversial topics that we love to talk because it is such an interesting topic. However, love is much more complicated than you think. You can’t explain how it works, but you could feel it.

Each romance has different tastes of love and it depends on the couple wants. Some couples want to be known and noticed, some couples get to know only close friends while some couples keep it as a secret relationship. But WHY?

Okay, now let's get to know together. Today, "BeLoves" would like to raise this topic and tell you why those couples choose to have a discreet relationship?

1. Reputation


Will love ruin your reputation? Absolutely NOT, but it will be affected in the future if this relationship does not last forever. As everyone knows, if couples love each other, they show off, take pictures of their couple and upload on the social media or declare their relationship to the people they know. It’s all good, and I admit it but what if their relationship is ended? It’s shameless and they will feel bad about their relationship. What if one day they are going to marry someone, the whole family, as well as their future partner, will feel bad about it too.

Moreover, if one of them often change the relationship, they will be more likely to be judged in a negative way. In order to avoid these things happening, we should keep this as a secret to protect each other's reputation.

2. Give yourself time to learn from your partner


Exactly, they will never hide this forever, they just want to learn and understand each other. So that this relationship is much stronger. And this love should only start with two people by appreciating, loving, trusting, encouraging, and respecting each other.

Understanding each other is a great part for couples in order to plan the right direction, also to live well with their sweetheart before entering into a marriage.

3. Keep some personal life


Some couple lovers, they want to be known only the two of them because they want to isolate their personal life from the people. Actually, we see that they love each other very much. It is such real happiness more than hundreds of pictures were taken and uploaded on social media, but look at the couple behind the scene, they are fighting and arguing almost every single day.

However, whether it's a secret or open love, there's is no balance between good and bad points. or less and more. What's important is that couples are confident and their willingness to struggle with the obstacles together.


Authored by: Un Tola

“Every individual is unique&so is each relationship. So maybe there’s no one who would understand this”

A relationship has a lot of different tastes whether it’s sweet or bitter. It lasts long or it doesn’t long ... (More)

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