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Good Tips for Children to Intimate their Parent’s Relation

Happiness in a family needs the support of all family members. Ideally, DO NOT think that family happiness belongs only to the parents, but all children are the fruit of flowers, making the tree more valuable. And if you would love to make your parents more affectionate, you should be able to apply these things:

Asking them to review their love history

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With family gatherings and close relationships at home, children may ask about their romantic relationship to remind them of their sweetest memories, sacrifice, and promises that made. Even though your mom or dad try not to speak it out, at the very least they unintentionally have an auto-remind what it looked like.

Flatter their love story how romantic it was

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After you, children realize some things about your parents’ love story, you should talk shamelessly, make him shy and compliment their love how sacrificial they were to achieve their marriage life and so forth. After that, we may predict that if we value their love, how can they be impatient to keep their harmonious marriage? Right?

Encourage them to gift their spouse each other

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Do not say old people would not like to gift their spouse. Actually, I agree that we hardly ever see this because they are ashamed of their children or because of social belief. It's, however, a good thing ever, not bad. So if you can help your parents knowingly and encourage to do so, it’s great. You can buy things for your dad to gift his wife as a present, and the next occasion, bring your mom a present to gift her husband back.

Respect and love them equally

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The other thing that is indispensable is to be a good child. Children are the strongest bond to maintain the harmony of a family. Even if your parents have inter-problem as big as a mountain while their children are precious gems in their eyes, they have to keep tendentious and patient to stay continuously.

Ask him about the responsibilities of the parents

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You have to be careful about this question because it may make your parents to get angry. Ideally, you ask in general. For example, when you and your parents are together, you can say, "Oh, Dad! Now I think that I’m big enough to marry, but, honestly, I am not ready to be a parent yet. It seems such a difficult thing for me. Dad!, any comment or mom?"

In such words, your parents may begin to remember that being parenthood is responsible and merciful for what that can make a family happy.


Written by: KROCH Udom

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