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Be With The Guy Who Wants To Marry You, Not 'Hang Out' With You

People same my age are in a relationship and I want to have one too, but at some point, I am still afraid to meet people who are honest, who are cheated on a relationship, "Do honest people still exist?" Of course, finding honest people is not easy.

Today we, "The BeLoves", would like to introduce you to the kind of guys you should date and to whom you should not date. Let's go! Let's not waste the time, let's get to know each other:

The kind of guys that you should not with is the one who:

Type of guy you should not date

  • Cannot even look after himself.
  • Feels insecure about everything, even love.
  • Calls his ex-girlfriend crazy.
  • Considers women to be useless.
  • Has no courage.
  • Pretends that he likes you, but he does not.
  • Wants to be friends, and just follow the flow.
  • Wastes his time and also yours.
  • Has no goal in his life.
  • Flirts with every girl on social media.
  • Treats us as an option. Do not be his options.
  • Does not know your value and does not appreciate something you have provided to him.

Type of guy you should not date

"And then why kind of guys should I date?"

The guy you should be dating:

Type of guy you should not date

  • Date with a guy who is afraid of losing you because he never meets a woman like you.
  • Date with a guy who does not want you to ask how he feels about you because he is 100% sure to take you as his future partner.
  • Date with a guy who will allow you to enjoy everything.
  • Date with a guy who makes you love yourself because they love you the most.
  • Believe me, the honest guy still exists and they are waiting for you.
  • They will buy you flowers even if you say you do not need them.
  • They want to see you smile because your smile makes them happy.
  • They want to show everyone that you are their sweetheart, not afraid to tell others, "You are their girlfriend."
  • They want to share their own stories with you.
  • They always pay the meal for you from the first dating until now.
  • They want to cuddle you and talk to you with everything.
  • They want to create good memories with you, sharing stories with you.
  • They want to go somewhere else with you.
  • They want to see you grow because they are happy to see your updated version of yourself.
  • They plan a future plan with you, have children together. They want to marry you because they know you are a beautiful woman, both heart and beauty.
  • The guy you should date always wants to make sure you are happy all the time while they are there with you, so no one can replace them.
  • They always make you feel great, optimistic about yourself and enjoying this relationship. They want to make sure that you feel comfortable, safe and feel that the one you choose is not wrong.
  • They are always near you when you are down. They always give your hand when you fail. They always encourage you, help you, because they cheer you every moment.
  • Date with a guy who is not only dating just for “Hang Out”, but instead want to marry you, not just some people just want to date and play with your heart.

Type of guy you should not date

"BeLoves" hopefully after you read these above, you can make the right decision.  The BeLoves also wishes you to find a good person to hold your hands and grow old together.


Authored by: Un Tola

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