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Why You Should Public Your Relationship?

Love is only two people but we also want everyone to know that we are the sweet couple too. Declaring your relationship is not about showing off to others, but to declare that, "This one is mine."

At the same time, a public relationship can also have a romantic relationship, it may cause a little bit problems but it’s all fine if you are willing to go together.

1. Being confidence

Public relationship

When the other party agrees to announce everyone, it is clear that the partner is committed and willing to join the journey with you without fear of telling others.

At the same time, the parties are happy with this declaration, which makes this bond stronger.

2. Being loyalty to each other

Public Relationship

As we know, when each party claims that they are already in a relationship, then there will be no misunderstanding on the part of the other side. In this way, your relationship is much stronger as there’s no one want to be the third person in your relationship since they already know that you and your partner are in a relationship.

3. Being a sweet couple on social media

Public Relationship

If you're an open-minded couple, you can also show friendliness to social networks without having to worry anymore. By doing this, you will also strengthen your relationship from every piece of your activity.

4. Building strong relationships

Public Relationship

A couple which is known by lots of people, whether it is through personal or through social media, is a point of keeping both sides cannot easily break apart.


Authored by: Un Tola

“Every individual is unique&so is each relationship. So maybe there’s no one who would understand this”


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