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15 quotes from Taiwanese movie ‘More than Blue’ to explain why the movie makes people emotinally

“More than Blue” was originally a Korean film released back in 2009, and a Taiwanese remake with the same movie title (比悲伤更悲伤的故事) was recently released.

The literal translation of the title is “A Story Sadder than Sadness”.

More than blues


The story revolves around two orphans named K (played by Jasper Liu) and Cream (played by Ivy Chen), soulmates who meet in high school and eventually live together.

However, K is diagnosed with leukaemia (his father had died from the same illness), but he keeps it from Cream for fear of hurting her.

Knowing that he is dying, K does not express his love for Cream, as Cream dates another man and accepts the man’s marriage proposal. While the movie might sound cliché and melodramatic, the remake was as well-received as the original.

“More than Blue” topped the domestic box office in Taiwan this year and broke the opening weekend record for a Taiwanese movie in Singapore since 2016, despite showing exclusively in Cathay Cineplexes. As it is, the literal translation of the title (A Story Sadder than Sadness), is sufficient to warn you that it is going to be a tear-jerker.

Perhaps these quotes from the movie can help you understand why so many Singaporeans are bringing tissues into the cinemas for this.

15 emo quotes from More than Blue

“If love can be explained, there will not be so many people in the world hurting because of it.

2. “Once a person gets used to loneliness, that’s truly sadder than sadness.”

3. “We are fated to meet, no one can replace any of us.”

More than Blues

4. “We both love to eat something icy during winter, the rain, and the season where we have each other.”

5. “Only till I’ve met you did I understand that as long as two lonely beings have each other’s accompany, they can be happy too.”

More than Blues

6. “I don’t like the word ‘forever’, because ‘forever’ does not exist if one of us is not around. But ‘next lifetime’ sounds different, it sounds like a promise.”

7. “K is like a mum at meal times, like a dad in the society, like a brother when I’m sad, sometimes like a lover, although he behaves like a fool at critical moments

8. “Do not reveal your wound to others easily, because they are just prying, and you’re the one who ends up hurting.”

9. “If you don’t say the words now, it might soon be too late. Or would you rather disappear without any trace from this world?”

10. “We all have a right to choose how we love. If I cannot accompany you till the end of your life, let me personally hand you over to someone who can give you happiness.”

11. “There are only two outcomes in dating. One is to fall deeply in love, while another is to retrieve the love that has been invested.”

More than Blues

12. “Why do people get married? When you grow old or need to be taken care of, the other person can rightfully stay by your side.”

13. “I want to tell K I love him. I want to say it to him but I know the tears will come before I even start to say it, so I have not told him anything.”

More than Blues

14. “I made a pact with myself: If he turns back, I will hug him and all of this will end. But he never did turn back, and there’s nothing I can do.”

15. “I do not want a guardian angel, but someone to seek adventure with me.”

More than Blues



Article by: Un Tola

"Every individual is unique&so is each relationship. So maybe there’s no one who would understand this"

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