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5 Signs He Just Acts As If He Loves You But He Doesn’t

We all have been through the stage of life when we feel good toward that person, but we don’t really know if he or she feels the same way or not. Your friend may say that he liked you, but the truth is we’re not sure if he or she likes us or not. That’s why we always observe them through their action since we believe that actions speak louder than words but sometimes it’s not. Some actions are lying us too.

However, you can spot his 5 signs he Just acts as if he loves you but he doesn’t.

1. Staring at you in an intense way

Act Love

Imagine if a guy that we don’t know or don’t like stare at you in an intense way, we would feel that he is such a creep. However, if he were a guy that we like, we may feel better but maybe with many doubts because someone who truly like us would stare at us in a more romantic way that we would feel a sense of happiness. If someone you like to keep staring at you just in a snaky way like this, he may not have a good intention with you.

2. Jokingly call you in a sweet way

Act Love

Everyone loves sweet words, especially girls. They are a kind of creature who is easily falling for guys’ sweet words. We may think that someone who likes you would call you in a sweet way that they rarely call someone else like that. But what if he is just joking just to see how your reaction to his sweet words. Damn it! You cannot trust this kind of guy.
He just makes you play the role of a fool.

3. Letting you keep his belonging without feeling awkward

Act Love

Have you ever wondered who would dare you keep their belonging without feeling awkward? Our belongings are really important to us, especially our phones since it’s just like part of ourselves. We may feel not safe if it was with someone else. Even though it’s with someone that we love, we still feel awkward to let them keep. It may look sweet when that person let you keep his stuff, but actually it is not if that guy does this just because he is just acting and want to play with your feeling that you might feel special when he lets you keep his stuff.

4. Spending many hours to chat with you first because he only needs something from you

Act Love

Are you feeling good when he chats to you first, replies instantly and spends many hours chatting with you? Of course, we all feel really, really great. However, we need to be aware that because he has the intention of doing that. Remember If he doesn’t need something from you, he wouldn’t waste his time chatting to you.

5. Not letting you know that he already had a girlfriend

Act Love

Indeed, he already has a girlfriend, but you just never guess because of his action that keeps you puzzled. You confused for every action that he has done to you, and you never know that those actions are not the real action that is done from his heart. It’s just acting. Now you start to question yourself now why wouldn’t he become an actor if he is so good at acting like this. Many people will always match you with him and you feel it’s the best matching from heaven too, but turns out it’s not. Everything has changed when that moment you realized he already has a girlfriend.


Written by: Theary 

"I believe that love is a daydream and a nightmare at the same time."


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