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It is better to leave than being stuck in a dead love

No matter how much romance a life can bring, no one else can explain how its taste, how happy it is or how hurt it is when you get involved with it. These doubts, there is only YOU who can answer all of them.

At the same time, there many love lifestyle couples that some couple so in love with each other, so sweet to each other until people surround them feel envy to their love life while the other couple fighting each other almost every single day like Tom & Jerry but still they never leave each other all alone.  

However, some couple might not work in that way. After being together for a little while, they feel tired of their relationship, behave as if they are not a couple anymore. Whenever they meet each other, they feel like having pressure. Everything has changed a lot in their relationship. They don’t feel in love anymore, they just don’t dare to tell one side they want to move on.

The problem is will each side really lose their love for their partner? What if another side is still in love? Will they let their partner step out of their relationship-zone? And you were in their shoes, would you let your partner walk away? If you experience such love like this, will you keep on hoping that s/he will love again or turn a step back from your relationship? If ending your relationship could make each side better, go ahead and FINISH it. We should not be stuck in a dead love where another side is already moved on.

Finish it if it is not worthy to stay...

1. The ending is the beginning

It's better to leave than stay

Every ending of life is the beginning of a new life. Don’t close the book when bad things happen in your life, just turn the page and begin a new chapter. You have tried your best already. You have done what you should have done. You said what you should have said already, and s/he still not turn back, then you are the one should move on.

Experience another taste of life, it might be better or worse than your previous relationship, but at least you do not stand still in the same place.

2. Give yourself a space to get new experience in life

It's better to leave than stay

It's time for you to go out to the outside world to get to know more because you no longer need to report your partner who is this? Who is that? Who you meet today and what/where you were doing when he/she was not around?

Once in a year, go some places you have never been to before. Let’s begin your solo-trip. You will say that “how come traveling alone? How could you enjoy that?” Traveling alone is a time to find yourself after getting lost. Learn from the outside world, from different culture, customs, traditions, condition living, and communication.

3. Self-respect

It's better to leave than stay

If your calls, messages, your presents have been ignored or rejected, respect yourself enough to walk away from them, it is called “self-respect”. You are priceless, you may not mean to be with that person, but you are meant a lot to the other people. Love yourself is the most important point because before letting anyone love you, you yourself need to love yourself first.

4. Don’t force, it will never work

It's better to leave than stay

When you deeply love someone and you follow all their orders, hoping they will love you back? You are totally doing the wrong thing. True love never works by asking, but giving.

Even if one day they come back to love you, it's for a couple of reasons.

Reason 1: Because they pity you.
Reason 2: You are the last choice and if one day they could find someone who is better than you, they will leave you behind.

5. First it hurts, then it changes you

It's better to leave than stay

They might not dare to ask you to break up now, but probably they will never keep this forever because their feeling toward you is not the same anymore. Sometimes, they might not tell you face-to-face, but exactly by their attitude, behavior, as well as by their bad words.

It is better to hurt in a short period of time than being shattered by a broken heart without fixing it. You will sure hurt, but soon after that you will change, change to be better, stronger and smarter one. You will learn to confront the problem, fight with it and never give up.

Have you ever heard a sentence which said “Boyfriend or girlfriend is just another person. No ones else will love you unconditionally as your parents


Written by: Un Tola

“Every individual is unique&so is each relationship. So maybe there’s no one who would understand this”


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