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How to deal problems with relatives In-law

Of course, no no can satisfy someone else, especially the ones who are in full of satisfaction. When we always seem kind, once we are not, the complains and dissatisfaction come to us with hatred. These kinds of problems normally happen to those who are siblings, relatives, and in-law relative, rarely for those who are not in inter-relations. So why we fight each other on our own happiness?

Hopefully, every single problem is not always bad if all of us are inattention to make it better. And below we list some tips to help you solving and imitating your relationships with in-law relatives.

1.Think that Happiness or Richness of our relatives as ours

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Younger or older, and poorer or richer of sister or brother in law is not important, the important thing is that we are now relatives, we are family, we share the blood each other. Therefore, we should keep and share both happiness and unhappiness together with others.

Siblings and relative in law who fight each other benefit nothing besides make neighbors drag down and bad-mouth our bad reputation.

2. Feel sorry and value for relatives in law

Marriage couple life

It is really important for relatives of both sides to feel sorry for their brother or sister in law. Don’t think you are the oldest of your blood-brother or sister so you no need to worry about your brother or sister in law’s thought. This is completely wrong because it indicates that you don’t value him or her. Very peaceful thing start with valuing each other. So, when you are going to ask something from your married siblings, please say directly to both of them. People will feel more generous if they are requested with honor.

3. Patience and Sacrifice

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Patience is tolerant when wrong things happen, it's a part to win someone’s mind. If we are not always angry, they are going to be reluctant to mind us just little things. Especially, it is about sacrifice. If we decide to leave our relative needs, we sacrifice for our relatives with excitement, we are happy too because they are our relatives. Your real scarification this time will pay you off one day.

Solving problems with dissatisfaction or anything else with relative in-laws is not be a big deal if you are open-minded, you put others in your shoes, you offer sincere things, you are unselfish and self-esteem.


Authored by: KROCH Udom

“Insecurity makes people insecure. To secure myself, I do my best to secure people around me”


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