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If You Would Like To Be Married, NOT Just Because of These 4 Reasons

The wedding day is a successful, happy day of your wish of life, but one day after can be a failed day if your decision on it was just an immature decision, no choice, and fear of forever single.

However, BeLoves wishes all fans had good news soon with your desirable partner, but hopefully not for these reasons.

1. Get married because you cannot tolerate your natural effects

Marriage Life

Please to remind and remember that DON’T decide to get married because you want to have sex or get married people who only see your sexy body. It is a very childish idea for a couple can come to the stage of marriage, just for this reason. As an unfortunate result, many couples have decided to get married because of the natural sexual effects,  or the hormone effects, and regardless of what the future will bring. In the end, many couples are most likely to get divorced and leave their children as the burden of their poor parents.

2. Get married because of NO choice

Marriage Life

As human being don’t live just to be others’ option, especially love choice. Whether we choose to marry someone because we have no choice, or someone decided to choose us because we are the last one to be taken,  the final results can end up painfully and resentfully. And as if we still live together, somehow, we will experience a lot of bitterness and disappointment because our love for them or their love for us is not a full fulfillment, just a feeling of a substitute, it seems never enough.

3. Love because of other’s flattery match

Marriage Life

Our happiness doesn’t depend upon others’ mouth. This doesn’t mean all people have a bad-mouth, but for flattery words to match love we have to think. People try to make us become a couple because they match us physically, and it cannot be our real feeling. Sometimes, just want to content other’s wish, we are careless to love truly, and when the praise of other is gone, the feeling of love follow, the one who loves deeply will get hurt. Ask your own mind before loving someone whether you love really love him or her or just something else because no one else can replace you to hurt instead.

4. Love just because you want to end your single life

Marriage Life

I watched a Thai drama and remembered a phrase that the protagonist said to the actress, "I do not accept you at that time because I want to experiment with the fact that you decide to accept someone, not just to end your single status....” I really love this phrase, and I personally would like to emphasize this phrase that it means when you accept to marry someone, it is because you love him/her, you can picture the bright future with them. Without such a person like him or her come into your life, you would never care whether you have a chance to marry or not in this life.

A person who has real intentions on us is someone who can hold our hands crossing the tradition of marriage to a situation in life with happiness and harmony both physically and mentally, not just because of infatuation.


Authored by: KROCH Udom

“Insecurity makes people insecure. To secure myself, I do my best to secure people around me"


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