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5 recent and pre-wedding couple of famous singers and actors in 2019

Finally, 5 couples of popular stars in Cambodian that has been unified for years, now officially announced their special day to surprise their fans with bravo and congrats!! That is not all of what you think, a few of them have recently gotten married with booming news on social media, and a few are being spread with their pre-wedding photos as the top news in 2019.

Here are 5 couples of recent married and pre-wedding celebrity in 2019

1. The famous female singer, Aok Sokunkanha and Mr. Oeng Sokly

Celebrity wedding

Aok Sokunkanha, 31, who is the most female singer of all types for years decided to finish her single material status in this year, 2019. Recently, her pattern and she have posted their pre-wedding photos with extraordinary scenery in the land of heritage, Angkor Wat.

2. Rapper-Singer, G-Davith and pop Singer, Tep Boproek

Celebrity wedding

This couple makes their fans feel jealous with their long-term connection that everyone did not expect to hear that. But now it is really surprising that this couple turned out their relation with pre-wedding photos posted on social media from Maldives Island. More interesting, the pre-wedding photos were originally taken with a mermaid couple style in the water. And they did not leave Khmer traditional clothes behind for this particular event.

3. Younger beautiful comedian, Van Nila and her future groom

Celebrity wedding

After having recently dropped out of a relationship in engagement with her ex-fiancé, who is the child of owner Khmer stage performance, Lakorn Bassac, Pi Sokunthy, now she has exposed to her new fiancé, and even has released her pre-wedding photos with her new lover. This is being considered as surprising news for this young lady to her fans.

4. Rising sweet-voice singer star, Nyrotana and his fiancé

Celebrity Life

At the beginning of January 2019, Nyiratana and his fiancé only ended their single status. Even it lasted so shot to be in relationship time, but the gut of love make them hand to walk each other to the official wedding on January 18.

5. Singer, Sok Raksa and actress, Kol Davy

Celebrity wedding

After a long time of love, the good news finally came between Sok Raksa, Sunday production’s singer and sexy actress, Kol Davy. The wedding took place on March 8, 2019


Authored by: KROCH Udom

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