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The Top 4 Places to Go on Your First Date

Is it your first ever date? You do​ not even know where is the best place to go on your first date? Maybe you should try these top 5 places that will make your first date become unforgettable.

1. Going to a Movie

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It is obvious that going to a movie sounds cliche, but do you know that it is the most comfortable and romantic place that you can spend with your date without being awkward. While watching a good movie, you would feel the chemistry between you and your date since you get to spend more time and be closer to your partner.

2. A Romantic Walk

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A Romantic walk would be considered as one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do with your partner since you get to walk with your partner and have a deep conversation that you may have never talked to anyone before. Therefore, walking with your partner and getting to talk everything to them would help you feel relaxed and build a strong bond in your relationship.

3. Concert

Dating Place

If you and your date enjoy an event that is thrilling, you obviously need to go to the concert that helps you find yourself and lose yourself at the same time through music.

Spend your most incredible time by enjoying the concert and rocking the body with your date, it would be the greatest pleasure for you and your date.

4. Jogging

Dating Place

Jogging might sound a little bit boring but if you have a try it with your partner, it will completely change since it is an exercise that you can enjoy doing it with your partner, and it is good for your health too. So why not give it a try with your date? It will be the most memorable date that you have ever had.


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Written by: Theary 

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Support. For me it will be #1,#4, #3 and #2.
Nice article! Mine is #2, #4, and #1 ;)
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