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9 Bad Habits that Silently Killing Your Relationship

In order to maintain a lasting relationship, if there is anything to be avoided, you should avoid. As we know, some couples broke up because of cheating or having a sidechick, but some couples who love each other, still separate. Here are some reasons why some couple may be separated and that will kill your relationship silently.

1. You like to hide your emotions

9 Bad Habits

Show that feeling, do not try to hide it. You can talk to your partner about your true feelings about things that make you feel bad, even though it may offend another, but what we do is just to keep in touch longer. Doing so is better than hide your own feeling that will stress you out.

2. You try to change your partner to another person

9 Bad Habits

You should not try to change your partner to be someone else. By doing so, it makes your partner feel unhappy when he or she has to do something that does not fit his or her personality. In fact, you have a good intention that you want to change, but the other party does not think the way you do, and they may think that they are not good enough that is why you want to change them.

3. You try to win your partner anytime

9 Bad Habits

Love is not a competition. It is a bad habit when your partner desires to lose or win. If your partner succeeds, we should be proud of our partners for this success. If you are not happy with your partner's success, then try to think about your relationship again.

4. You do not spend time listening to your partner

9 Bad Habits

To maintain a long relationship, you have to be a good listener. Whether you or your partner does not want someone to sit down, listen to the story from right ear than all the stories are out from the left ear. Just listen and then finish listening to it or "Just Pretend to listen." You need a relationship that you and your partner can go through dialogue to build mutual affection for each other.

5. You let the jealousy come to you

9 Bad Habits

Frustration and Jealousy control your partner at some point is good for relationships, but there are also limitations. You want to protect people you love, but when you do things that are beyond your reach, it can make your relationship tedious and uninteresting. When a boring relationship has happened, you know what is going to happen next.

6. You love to compare your partner to others

9 Bad Habits

Comparing your partner to other people is not already fine, but more than this is comparing to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is a big deal. True love is not a game of comparing good or not. Instead of comparing, you should love what your partner has.

7. Lie

9 Bad Habits

You do not want to be dumped with dishonesty and lying to your partner. Lies sometimes are good, but you do not have to use it too many times. If that lie is not a good lie, but it is a lie to get rid of the problem, it can ruin your relationship.

8. Love to catch mistakes

9 Bad Habits

No one is good 10 out of 10 but if there are 10 fools. Yes, it has. The relationship is not different too. Your partner is not a god who never makes a mistake, so when he or she makes a mistake, learn to forgive and do not just sit back.

9. You stop showing love to your partner just like the first time

9 Bad Habits

Why do your partners know you love them if you are quite like a dead tree? You should not overlook your partner's point of view, those small little things like remembering a birthday or going out for dinner gives you the opportunity to build your relationship stronger.

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