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Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage? Which one is better?

They say marriage life is just like a lucky draw. You cannot predict it whether your marriage life will fill you with happiness or not. Besides, there are two types of marriage that you​ are going to choose for your marriage life, arranged marriage and love marriage. So, what is arranged marriage and what is love marriage?

Arrange Marriage

Arranged marriage is a type of marriage that the bride and groom are selected by family members, rather than themselves. On the other hand, love marriage is a marriage that the couple loves each other and decided to get married.

Arrange Marriage

Also, there is a controversial topic between choosing an arranged marriage or love marriage. Which one is better?

Actually, if we get to know more about arranged married, it mostly happens due to the parents. Some parents believe that letting their own sons or daughters marry someone who does not have a clear family background may have a higher risk of marrying the wrong one. In an arranged marriage, parents normally choose their own relatives to match with their own son or daughter. However, in this 21st century, parents will let their son or daughter get to know each other more before getting married.

Arrange Marriage

Different from an arranged marriage, love marriage normally happens between two people who know each other and have a mutual attraction and feeling. They find it easier and happier to understand each other due to mutual feeling.

Arrange marriage

Some may state that they would prefer love marriage even though they might split up in the end. It is their own choice, and they do not regret to choose it. However, if they were to be arranged for an arranged marriage, they would not happy to do it, for they could blame their family if they do not get along​ well with their partner after marriage.

Arrange marriage

Anyway, there still some people who choose arranged marriage for they are aging or cannot find their partner by themselves.

Indeed, we really cannot say which one is better if it is an arranged marriage or love marriage since both belong to people’s choices.

They can choose and value it on their own.


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