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3 Main Reasons Why You Should Date a Lot of People

Who said dating a lot of people is a bad thing? Actually, going on too many dates is really beneficial, and it is not as bad as people say unless you date many people at the same time.  So what are the reasons behind dating a lot of people?

Let’s find out in this article!

1. Each Relationship Makes You a Better Person

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Going on many different dates make you learn a lot from each person, for you get to understand each person better, and you can develop yourself to be a better person too.

For example, when you get to know your dates, you know what are good or bad points those people have. If you see their good points, you can take them to improve yourself, but if you see their bad points, you can avoid them and tell your date about their negative points that you see.

2. Each Relationship Brings New Experiences

Random Dating

Of course! Different people give you different and new experiences because people that you date are not all the same. They are different so that you can experience many new things from each person. For example, if you date a footballer, you will be more likely to be interested in football too. Otherwise, if you date an IT guy, you also get to learn more about the information technology that you have never learned before. Therefore, different people that you date will bring you different and new experiences.

3. Know What You Want and What You Don’t Want

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When you date a lot of people, you obviously get to know more about what you want and what you do not want from those people. For example, you know clearly what kind of person do you really want after experiencing many inconveniences with your ex dates. Therefore, it is easier for you to find someone that matches you. Also, since you experience dating many people, you can know exactly what types of people that you should avoid or you do not like, and you can get that vibe whether that person is good or not for you or not when you first meet them.



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