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10 Facts About Love That You Have Never Known

Love is sweet, love is pure, love is bitter, and love is dreadful. Love is really hard to define since it​ is all a mix of feeling. However, when you get know more what love is, you will discover many wonderful things that love can show you. In this article, you will get to know 10 facts about love that you have never known.

1. Falling in love is like being on drugs

Love Resign

When you fall in love, you will be crazy to think about it every time. It is like a drug that gets you addicted to it, especially when you have a crush on someone, you will never ever get them off from your mind. It is a pleasant feeling that you have.

2. It only takes 5 minutes to know if you like someone or not

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They said that the first impression is really important, and you only have 5 minutes to make someone like you or not. That​ is why some people always try to look their best when going on a date or meet someone new.

3. Red roses are the flowers of love

Love Resign

Have you ever noticed that rose mostly appear everywhere in stories or places that are related to love? Actually, there is a reason behind it. It is believed that red roses are the bright flowers that are loved by Venus, the goddess of love.

4. People find love in unexpected places

Love Sign

Some people are more likely to find love in many different places if they love traveling since love is a journey and you cannot predict what kind of people that you are going to meet when you go out and explore.

5. Holding your lover’s hand relieves stress

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Are you having a bad day and always feeling stress? Maybe you should hold your lover's hand, and everything that stresses you out will fade away immediately because love is magical.

6. Getting butterflies in your stomach

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Have you ever noticed there is something circulating in your stomach when you like someone? Those are called butterflies in your stomach. It is caused by adrenaline when the dopamine is responsible for creating feelings of excitement.

7. You’re in love with someone when your pupils dilate

Love Sign

Since the eyes and love are connected, and there are also studies have shown that our pupils dilate wider than normal when we are excited about something and even someone.

8. Kissing someone you love makes you live longer

Love Sign

Kissing is also a feeling of appreciation. It is really beneficial since there are many studies approve it too. Actually, kissing someone you love does not only make you live longer, but it also helps you burn calories or lose weight too. That is the power of love.

9. Animals also commit to a monogamous relationship

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A monogamous relationship is when you are having a relationship or married to one person at a time. Indeed, it does not exist only in humankind, but it is also for the animal too. Otters, wolves, and seahorses are some of the species that love their partners only one for the rest of their lives.

10. Online dating actually works

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If you cannot find love on your own, online dating is the best thing that you can find your love who matches your personality well, and it really works. If you haven’t tried, you may try it since there are many websites and dating apps that you can find.


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Written by: Theary

"I believe that love is a daydream and a nightmare at the same time."

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