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These 23 Couple Artworks Show You How True Love Is

What is the definition of true love? In your perspective, what does your true love mean to you and how does it looks like? Puuung, who is an illustrator will show you how true love looks like in these adorable illustrations below.

1. Love is doing little things

Cartoon Couple

2. Love is helping each other

Cartoon couple 2

3. Love is missing each other

Cartoon couple 3

4. Love is meeting you in the pouring rain

Cartoon couple 4

5. Love is having dinner together

Cartoon couple 5

6. Love is playing arcade game together

Cartoon couple 6

7.  Love is he builds a fire just to keep you warm

Cartoon couple 7

8. Love is taking care your partner

Cartoon couple 8

9. Love is taking a nap together

Cartoon couple 9

10. Love is watching a horror movie together

Cartoon couple 10

11. Love is being comfortable in silence

Cartoon couple 11

12. Love is listening to music together

Cartoon couple 12

13. Love is sleeping next to each other

Cartoon couple 13

14. Love is cooking for your partner

Cartoon couple 14

15. Love is surprising each other

Cartoon couple 15

16. Love is being with your partner when you feel sad

Cartoon couple 16

17. Love is reading a book together

Cartoon couple 17

18. Love is doing difficult tasks together

Cartoon couple 18

19. Love is up in the roof together

Cartoon couple 19

20. Love is travelling together

Cartoon couple 20

21. Love is reminiscing the memory

Cartoon couple 21

22. Love is kissing

Cartoon couple 22

23. Love is magical

  • Cartoon couple 23

References: puuung1


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Written by: Theary

"I believe that love is a daydream and a nightmare at the same time."

I have this book. Love this artist works.
ស្នេហាពិត គឺការទៅញ៉ាំអី ចេញលុយរៀងៗខ្លួន 😂
បានឃើញតែរូប តែមិនបានភ្លក់ 😂😂
A relationship has a lot of different tastes whether it’s sweet or bitter. It lasts long or it doesn’t long ... (More)

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