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What to Do When Your Family Disapprove of Your Partner

Finding someone​ you love and they love you back is a blessing, but what if this love is not accepted by your family? Will you run away with your partner? Will you stop loving your partner? Or is there any possible solution to solve this problem?

In these articles, Beloves would like to show 3 reasons that you can tell your family to approve your partner.

1. Respect Your Parents

Since your parents have more experience in a relationship than you. You have to understand and respect your parents. You have to figure out why your parents don’t really like your partner. In case they don’t approve your partner, you have to remember that they still your parents, for you cannot disown them or do a bucket with your partner that could ruin your family’s reputation.

2. Tell your parent about your partner’s good points

You need to know that your partner also has many strengths or good points too that you can show off to your family. Find out which is the best point about your partner so that he or she can get your parent’s heart. For example, if your parents like someone who knows how to cook, and your partner know how to cook too. That is the point! So it would always be best to tell or brag your parents about your partner’s good points.

3. Give Them Time

First impression is not always right, and you have to give your parents some time to get to know your partner more in order to feel connected or close to your partner. The more they get to know your partner, the more they can understand your partner, and they will be likely to approve your partner.

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