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4 Signs You’re Desperate For Love

Have you ever had a feeling of despair when you want something very much, but you only look so insane of wanting it, especially when it comes to love. Some people who are single will be considered to be desperate for love if they have these 5 signs.

1. You fall too fast


You easily to fall in love with someone too fast, even if you just see them or they just flirt with you for fun. You are more likely to fall in love too fast, and it’s too good to be true since love can be more than that.

2. You stalk too much


Sometimes you can go insane, or you completely lose your mind and stalk people’s profile like a creep. You may spend many hours and hours to stalk your crush in order to know their information. Also, it makes you feel good as well.

3. You whine about being single


If you find yourself keep whining how single you are all the freaking time. Then, you will be considered to be desperate for love for real because if you’re not desperate for love, you’re not willing to whine how single you are. You will be happy to be single and keep its silent.

4. You constantly check your online dating


Have you ever found yourself constantly check your online dating and wondered if you got a message from someone or not? If you use online dating and find yourself checking the app more often. Obviously, it’s a sign of desperation.

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Written by: Theary 

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