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The Flower You Pick Will Reveal Your True Personality

Which flower do you love the most? Pick one of the flowers below in order to get to know what is your personality based on the flower that you pick. 

1. Daisy


If you choose Daisy flower, you are most likely a bright, spirited person with a heart of gold. You love giving gift and planning surprises for the people you love, and nothing makes you happier than seeing others happy. You are a hardworking and passionate person. 

2. Orkide


You are a confident person who always has the right answer. You are the one that people can depend on. You are trustworthy and born to be a leader. You notice everything, but you just don’t say it.

3. Rose


You are fearless, intelligent, charming. You are the perfect balance of classy and casual, and you’re able to adjust your personality based on the atmosphere. You’re probably been experiencing some personal issues lately, but do not lose faith. 

4. Marigold


You are creative and soul person and you throw yourself into everything you do. You do everything with your whole heart, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. You are kind and sensitive. You love learning new things. 

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Written by: Theary

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