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Asking Your Partner by Doing this Proposal and Let's See What Will Happen

Planning a wedding proposal would be quite challenging since it takes many efforts and a lot of preparation to make it happen, but some wedding proposal doesn’t require much time, so it’s easy to create it. However, you may want to find some idea relating to a wedding proposal that you can try and make it the most unforgettable proposal ever.

  • Concert Proposal

Concert proposal would be one of the most magical wedding proposals ever, especially when it’s in your favorite concert. Also, there are many proposals that happen at the concert, and it surprised people who join the concert and even an artist too. 

  • Musical Proposal

The musical proposal also considered being an awesome proposal too. It is more likely to happen in the western country, but in Asia, there are also as well. They would play many songs that are related to the wedding such as Marry You or Count on Me by Bruno Mars, and many beautiful dancing songs that fit the proposal. 

  • Book Lover Proposal

Book lover proposal obviously works best for your partner who is a book lover. Some people would propose at the library or the bookstore. Otherwise, some would carve their books in a heart shape and put the ring inside it to surprise their partner. This would be the romantic and splendid proposal that you should create. 

  • Sweet Tooth Proposal

Sweet tooth proposal would be the sweetest proposal inside out, for it is filled with many desserts like cupcakes and many sweet treats. Some people plan this kind of proposal by hiding the ring in those sweets, or they would write the word “Will You Marry Me?” that can be seen on the cake.

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