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4 Reasons Why Good Girls Fall for Bad Boys

Have you ever heard some people said bad girls belong to good boys, and good girls belong to bad boys? So how do you consider yourself? If you find out that you are a girl and you love a bad guy, you may want to know what are the reasons why that make you head over heels.

1. You’re attracted to his confidence

Most bad boys are always looking hot, cool, handsome, confident, brave, adventurous and famous that catches everyone’s attention. Therefore, as a good or innocent girl, you awed with these kinds of bad boy’s traits that you may not have and you love the difference. 

2. It feels so wrong, yet it feels so good.

You can always feel that being with them is really exciting, for they are daring and not afraid to do something. They would bring you those kinds of toxic and thrilling feeling when you are with them. There is a part of you that you feel like you shouldn’t be with them because they are not a good person that you should waste your time on them. However, there is another part of you that you want to feel love even though it’s not true love. 

3. You think you can change him

Some girls believe that they can change the bad boy’s behavior, and turn them into a good and gentleman. Just like Taylor swift’s lyrics “I can make the bad guys good for a weekend.”Which is from a song called “Blank Space”. However, if you try to build a relationship based on your need and desire, your relationship will be broken. 

4. Love is blind

When it comes to love, you become weak, and you’re blind. No matter how good or bad in him, you’ll never care. All you know is you love him with no reasons at all even though you know that he just play with your feeling and never truly loves you. You will always love him from your bottom of your heart.

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