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7 Signs that a Guy Only Wants to Hook Up with You

In life, you may meet or date a lot of different people. Some of them give you a good and bad experience. They said you can know their faces, but it is hard for you to know what is in their minds. If you are looking for a serious relationship by dating someone, you may want to be aware of all these signs. If your date has some or all of these signs, he obviously doesn’t want a relationship with you, he just to hook up with you.

1. He only texts when he’s horny

Getting a text from someone you love would be the best feeling in the world, right? But what if he only texts you when he is horny. If you date this kind of man, you are more likely to notice that he only texts you at night when he wants you to come over, or sext you like he is naked now, and sending him some nude. Also, you often get a text from him like he wanted to kiss your lips and your neck, and he rarely has a serious conversation with you like asking how your day was, or getting to know you.

2. Your dating is all about the sex

If he always mentions private movies and sex, and some places that you don’t feel safe. It could mean that he doesn’t want to get to know you, but he wants to have sex with you, so you should be aware of the place that he wants to go with you.

3. He agrees with everything you said

In order to make you feel wanted, he will agree with everything you said because doing so will make you feel good about yourself and trust him more. However, it’s not the way it is. He is testing you.

4. He’s extremely social and surrounds himself with women

If you find out that he is a sociable and a hilarious guy that always surrounds himself with women or have a lot of friends who are girls, it’s more likely that he has many choices when choosing a girl that he wants to date. If he chooses to date you, it could reveal clearly that you’re not the first, second or third girl that he dates since he has been dating many girls, so it’s normal for him to date you.

5. His hands are always busy

Busy hands describe a man who is touchy and touchy, for he can invade your boundaries by touching your body without your consent. Even if you take his hand away or tell him that you don’t like it when he does that, he still goes on doing that. It really means that he doesn’t respect you. In this case, he can be accused of sexual assault. It is a serious red flag, and don’t be scared to speak up.

6. He keeps you away from his friends

His friends will never know that you exist or he is dating you since he never tells anyone about it. It’s like you’ll never know who he really is, and he will never be proud to tell anyone that he is dating you since he doesn’t look for a serious relationship, so what is the point to let everyone know about his dating you.

7. Your gut tells you something is off

Always trust your gut. If you feel like something is going wrong, that’s because it usually is. If you’re with that person, and you feel toxic or confused. It could be a sign that something is going wrong too, or else you won’t feel that way.  Your guts will always know and never ignore it. Perhaps, you can always find someone who truly loves, respect and treat you right. Be with someone who builds you a home in their heart.

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