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Interesting Facts about Girls You May Never Know

Do you think you really know the girls? You’re probably not since they might be a difficult creature to understand, but if you get to understand the girls, you will truly believe that they are different from your perspective. Here are the interesting facts about girls that you should know.

1. Girls naturally are more talkative than guys.

2. Gossiping is their favorite thing to do.

3. Girls love being respected.

4. Girl love to feel wanted and special from their special.

5. Girls have a lot of crushes, but their heart only belongs to one guy.

6. Girls cannot see bad in a guy they love.

7. Girls always forgive to the one they love.

8. Girls love compliments, but they don’t know how to react to that.

9. If a girl loves a guy, she will always think about her every night and day.

10. Girls hate it when they are being used or played.

11. When a girl ignores you after you have done something wrong, she is really hurt

12. She rarely loves, but when she does, it’s head over heels.

13. Girls love it when guys say their name.

14. If guys say something sentimental, girls will remember it forever.

15. If you like a girl, try to make friends with her first in order to let her get to know you more.

16. Girls don’t enjoy talking dirty just like guys do.

17. Being too serious can turn a girl off.

18. When girls say okay, actually they are not really okay.

19. Girls hate guys who flirt a lot of girls.

20. Girls hate guys who brag about themselves.

21. Girls don’t like a fling relationship just like guys do.

22. Never lie to the girls, they can find out everything about you in 1 minute.

23. Girls love stalking their crushes on social media.

24. Girls love a gentleman.

25. If a girl doesn’t often text you, she isn’t interested in you.

26. Girls are sensitive.

27. Girls are so emotional

28. Efforts can turn girls on

29. When a girl said there is nothing to wear, they actually have more than enough to wear.

30. When girls say “Maybe”, they are more likely to mean “No”.

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