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The Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own

Being a woman, taking care of oneself is really important, especially when it comes to beauty. Being beautiful is not only makes women attractive, but it also boosts self-confidence for women. However, behind every beautiful woman, there is a beauty product that they use.

Below are beauty products that every woman should own.

  • Blend For Eyes

Blend For Eyes is an eye shadow with four different colors in one palette. It comes with a wide range of colors such as Dried Rose, Orange party, Pink up and Cozy Beige. Get a new look by trying this Blend For Eyes, and it will make your eyes more attractive and dazzling. 

  • Oil Clear Blotting Powder

Oil Clear Blotting Powder can keep the skin matte and fresh all day since it provides an oil cut effect that makes your face shine, and the cotton also keeps your makeup matte and clean.

  • Collagen Eye Patch

Collagen Eye Patch is a hydrating elasticity eye sheet soaked with collagen essence made of natural fiber. It can help the area around your eyes brighten and soft like a baby's skin. Wash your face first, then remove clear film from patches and apply on both eyes. After using patches for 15 to 20 minutes, remove them and tap on eyes to make the skin absorb the remains.

  • Real Nature Mask From The Faceshop


Real Nature Mask is a mask that is made of natural ingredients with a highly nourishing mask sheet that can help your skin soft and youthful impression. In order to use this face mask, just wash your face and pull out the mask and place it on the face carefully. Remove it after using for 10 to 15 minutes and tap your face lightly to absorb the remaining essence into the skin.

  • Watery Tint The Face Shop

Watery Tint The Face Shop is a moisturizing watery-gel tint that makes your lips soft and gorgeous. In order to use it, just apply a small amount from inside to outside lips gently.

  • Color My Brow

Color My Brow is a mascara that comes with diverse colors. It provides natural clear brow colors by hiding its own dark color. It’s easy and quick to use it. The special thing is that you can use this Color My Brow based on your hair color. In order to use it, just comb towards the eyebrow layer to make them neat. 

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