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Choose a Butterfly to Reveal Your Personality

A butterfly is known as an attractive insect, for it has a beautiful color that can captivate other animals and even other people. Do you know that by choosing your favorite butterfly in the picture above also reveal your personality?

1. Modest

If you choose this butterfly, it obviously shows that you love simplicity. You don’t like being in complicated relationships that make you feel toxic. You’d better break up with your partner that date you for fun and just want to play with your feeling. No matter how they treat you bad, you’re still kind to them just show you can kill them with kindness.

2. Fearless

Those who pick this butterfly have a fearless personality. You are strong, brave, and always ready to explore and meet new obstacles. You love socializing and connecting with people. You always respect people who respect you and give value to them.

3. Calm

This butterfly shows you that you are calm. You normally surround yourself with people who understand you. It is hard for you to open up to people, but once you open up, people will see you as a beautiful and lovable person to be with. You’re so emotional, especially when it comes to love. You normally love your lover so much that it could hurt you.

4. Generous

This butterfly reveals that you’re a generous person. You love to share almost everything with people because you think that everyone deserves love. Sometimes it hurts you too because you’re willing to give people. However, you are lucky enough since you mostly meet good people in your life. 

5. Cheerful

This butterfly represents a cheerful personality. You’re the kind of person who loves to be true to yourself and love people for their uniqueness and quirkiness.

You’re creative and love imagination. You don’t take people for granted. You value and respect the one you love.

6. Laidback

If you choose this butterfly, you’re an easy-going person. You are sweet. Everyone around you loves you. You always follow your gut whether something good or bad happened. You are a faithful lover. You are not into a fling relationship. You prefer a committed relationship that lasts long. 

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