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Can online dating lead to a true love?

The online dating story has already been debated and become a hot topic. Many people argue that online dating can never become a true love because of the notion that those we know outside, know their house and yet we still don't know who they really are. Other people we know only online will be able to come to love us honestly or not because of something. While others also agree that online dating can become real love, as this digital or technological era has come to facilitate communication, especially new friendships. They believe that online dating can be true, for they themselves are successful because they have started to know each other online.

 We see that most people today start dating online, for example, on Facebook, Instagram, or through any dating app that they can trust. As such, the question is, "Can online dating become real love?" Or "Is online dating reliable?"  Today, BeLoves, explain these questions: Is it possible? Is it true love?

 1. The difference between online dating and external dating

 In fact, online dating is more romantic and coherent than external love, because online dating will allow you to instantly write and express emotions through text. Especially, it gives you the opportunity to talk about favorite things to write about what you don't have to say through live chat, which makes you instantly get acquainted with the writing.

 Did you ever hear that "some people are the quietest people out there, but they are more friendly and funny online?" Keeping this silence has made him an unrepentant figure of the true nature of the relationship, and the relationship between him and his friends can never be overstated or misunderstood.

2. The opportunity to learn from each other

 Love can last a long time with empathy, but what if each one is busy with his or her time and not spending time dating each other? Developing a close relationship requires that the other side give each other time so that when you date someone online, you also won't have to spend the same amount of time on a daily basis, and the two of you are likely to travel smoothly. Every relationship or conversation online creates an opportunity for the couple to grow closer to each other and make them more in love.

 3. A long-distance relationship is no longer a problem

 Before the advent of video skype or Facebook video, the love of hearing only audio can be a real challenge, but as we move into the digital age, we can not only see visuals but also share them. Share their daily lives on social networks or video calls to one another easily, which enhances the relationship Households were more cohesive, even if they are not known outside, it was like out there already because every activity they can all share.

 4. Get to know many people  will make you find out who is good, and who is not

 Of course, online dating, for example, is that before you know a really good person, you may have to go through heartbreak or meet so many good people that it will teach you who is really good, who is fake. When the good people online you know come and go, you will immediately know if they are cheating. You would also say that if you still meet the same good people, why not try to love people outside online? Are you sure that love outside is 100% true? Let's not forget that before we start dating someone online, not for just a few days and immediately and just start saying"I want to live with them for the rest of my life". BeLoves would say that you are playing with your heart.

 5. They love you the way you are

 They love you the way you are. Yes, because online dating is a personal occurrence, not a friend recommends to go and fall in love, and that is what makes you fall in love. In fact, if your love comes through dating apps, it's easier because if you like them, you just swipe right, if you don't like them, you swipe left, and if the other person likes you, you start the love. Get to know each other, and if they are dissatisfied, they drag left, neither of them will be able to find each other, and you won't have to spend much time with them. Or you get stuck in a certain area of ​​life, or you can say that if you pull a love story online to real life, you'll be stuck in the Friend-zone.

 Based on the above definition and the reality of society itself, we can see that 2019 is not about sending letter era, so online dating can be real love, but it depends on the individual if they would make it real love or not.

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