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Jobs that Each Khmer Zodiac Sign Should Do

Let’s find out your Khmer zodiac signs below. Which job is suitable for you the most according to your  Khmer Zodiac Sign!


People born in the year of Rat is positive, independent, sensitive and diligent. Jobs that are best are creative jobs like artist, editor, author or photographer. They are better at working alone than with others.


People born in the year of Ox are suitable for jobs requiring specific expertise or knowledge. They have a good working attitude, a strong sense of responsibility, hard work and committed. 


People born in the year of Tiger loves to play mind games and language games. Though this career could be difficult,  they would consider it as a challenge. Winning is definitely good, but it’s ok to lose.


People born in the year of rabbit enjoy traveling very much and have a strong ability to communicate with others related to business such as a salesman or manager.


People born in the year of the dragon, architecture is the most suitable job for them. They would do it full of confidence and love to challenge it no matter how hard it is.


The Snake people are good at making their lives more entertaining. They would prefer working in a media field where they can show their creativity Occupations like actor, actress, singer, director are the most suitable for them.


The Horse people are energetic.  They can show their greatest enthusiasm in the tourism industry, so it is more likely that they succeed in this field, like being a tour guide.


 People who are born in the year of the goat are calm and patient, so the medical field is very suitable for them. They will always love and enjoy their work.


The Monkey is calm and can deal with complicated problems in many ways. They can master a lot of knowledge. Detective, lawyer, and programmer are suitable jobs for them.


Rooster people can easily find inspiration through other people's expressions and actions, so an actor or actress or a comedian is a good career for the Rooster.


 Dog people have many ideas in their minds. Advertising and marketing are suitable jobs for them. They have many creative ideas in their minds that can lead their work more remarkable.


 People with Chinese zodiac Pig are not willing to compete with others. A job that is best for them is a teacher or policemen. Because of their honesty, their job is more likely to stand out.

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