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5 Rules for Successful Marriage

In married life, you will meet a lot of obstacles that you confront. However, it depends on you to react to this. If you know how to react to your situation wisely, you will save your relationship, but if you don’t know, then your relationship is more likely to be fragile.

Below are the 5 rules of successful marriage that you can follow.

1. Let your partner win the argument

Sometimes you just have to look at the bigger picture and let things go. If that means one of you let the other win the argument so be it. It will be worth it and prevent you from saying or doing something you’re only reacting out of anger.

2. Never bring up mistakes in the past

 The past is in the past for a reason. Don’t look back to bring up past mistakes. Focus on the present and what you want your future to look like. Everyone makes mistakes and once you forgive those mistakes you should not be bringing them back up to one-up your partner. 

3. Priority your partner

You should never put anyone else before your partner.  Remember that your family is your husband now. Your commitment to him is the most important one you chose to make. Don’t let distractions like family, friends or the outside world come between the relationship your building with each year.

4. If you have to criticize, do it lovingly

 If you’re going to criticize which we all do at some point do it in a loving way. Don’t be mean about what he does or how he’s doing it. There is a certain way to get your point across without having to be rude about it. When you express your critique in a loving way you more likely to get him to listen and it shows respect. 

5. Make time for one another

Don't forget to make time for each other. Marriage takes effort from both spouses. Always communicate what it is that will make you happy. Plan time to bond and bring intimacy into your relationship.  Making time for each other is one of the most important rules to keep your connection in tack with each other. 


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