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Health Predictions Based On Your Khmer Zodiac Sign

Health Predictions Based On Your Khmer  Zodiac Sign


Those born in the year of the Rat may not feel so well this year. Stay hydrated especially careful during the first half of the year as you may be prone to minor illnesses. You should do slow jogging.


The Ox is naturally blessed with good health, Minor illnesses, cuts or changes to your diet can spiral into more serious health problems. Therefore, you must keep a close eye on your health and not take any symptom or issue too lightly. Your emotional health may also be affected by your sensitivity to surroundings. You should pay more attention to your stomach, throat and respiratory system. It is a good idea to start eating better and taking up group exercises.


Enjoy this time and take on activities that allow you to stay outside, such as hiking, gardening or jogging. Avoid over-exhausting yourself and remember to remain hydrated. You may find yourself being more careless so be cautious about your activities and travels this year. Try to avoid sitting for too long.


Your health may be more delicate this year and you will have to be more diligent in this area. Stress at work could take a toll on your emotional health. Thus, it is important that you find other outlets to release tension and express yourself creatively. 


Like many other signs belonging to the element of earth, you should watch your health this year. There’s a good chance your health will not give you any trouble, but only if you keep up to date with your doctor’s appointments and do not brush off small ailments. While at it, mind your temper – don’t be drawn into fights or conflicts. Instead, find a positive outlet or hobby to release any tension without hurting anyone. This is a busy year for you as well, so make sure you take sufficient breaks.


Getting enough sleep is important for the sign of the Snake this year. As you are more sensitive to your environment and conflicts, you are more prone to bouts of insomnia, depression and stress. It is important that you do not take your health for granted. Health must be at the forefront of your mind this year. Always ensure you have enough breaks and never work while you’re fatigued. 


Those born in the year of the Horse are normally active and health-conscious. Your good health continues but as you may find yourself spending more time at home, you may expect some minor domestic accidents. Minor health issues should be taken care of immediately so they don’t lead to more serious conditions. It is especially important that you get enough sleep and remain hydrated. 


Your physical and emotional health are tied together strongly this year. The happier and more alert you are, the more likely you will be healthier physically. You are hardy but cautious and this attitude will serve you well this year. You should learn to enjoy yourself while staying pragmatic and grounded. Doing things in moderation and keeping to a middle ground is a good way to maintain balance.


You are a tireless social butterfly, but the constant cheer and social gatherings this year may wear you out. It is important to pay attention to your stamina and physical health. Ensure that you get enough sleep and remain hydrated, so you are prepared for the days ahead. Choose exercises that can help you slow down. Lots of stretching will be good for you, and try to avoid extreme sports this year. You may be prone to being more careless, so you should avoid risky behavior.


If you’ve been eating right and exercising enough, you will be well rewarded this year with great health. But those who have been keeping bad habits may expect a wakeup call soon. This is a good time to finally take control of these bad habits and let them go. 


It is all about balance this year. Push yourself too hard and you’ll find yourself up a wall soon – schedule breaks in between work when you need to and remember to reward yourself for your hard work. It’s a good idea to create a personal schedule and let your partner (or BFF) comment on it. 


Bundle up this year – you may be vulnerable physically and emotionally. Avoid damp or wet places.​Daily walks can also clear your head as you may be prone to bouts of depression. C


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