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Is Dating worth it or Is It a Waste of Time

Nowadays, there are a lot of people going on a date, especially in their teen years. However, the question is dating worth it or is it a waste of time? Different people will have different perspectives on this question. How about you? Do you think that dating is worth it or it is a waste of time?

We also found some opinions on the internet about their perspectives on dating.

They believed that dating is worth it.

P1: “I see dating as a trial-and-error to figure out what kind of person you’re comfortable being with - how much the other person drives you, inspires you and in general, brings out the best version of you.”

P2:  If it didn’t bring us what we wanted, it did teach us what we didn’t want, and it is worth it because you learn a lot about your partner and also yourself. What are you all be like when dating. 

It is also a good way that you can learn from yourself, other people, and love. 

They believed that dating is a waste of time.

P3: “Sometimes you’re not prepared to take responsibility for another person that marriage will bring. Maybe sometimes you’re not sure that the person is the one.”

P4: “There’s no way you’re going to subject yourself to the wondering and the hoping and the being disappointed if a guy isn’t 100 percent worth it. If he isn’t holding your interest from the get-go, there’s no point in keeping him around just to be ghosted later by someone you didn’t even really like that much.”

All in all, it depends on people themselves based on their experiences, so we cannot say if dating is worth it or it is a waste of time.

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