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5 Reasons to Marry Your Best friend

A study has found that marrying your best friend eliminates the risk of divorce by 70%. That’s why it’s always a good start if you really love your best friend and want to make it happen. There are 5 reasons that you should marry your best friend. 

1. You can truly be yourself.

You don’t even have to pretend with your BFF. You are free to just be. You can tell them everything and everything. They are the best listener, and they will never judge you. Instead, they understand you, and they’ve seen you at your best. 

2.You already completely trust one another.

Your  BFF would never talk behind your back. They’re the ones who always have your back and always have your best interest at heart. They’re the ones who will run to your defense the moment someone says something bad about you but also be able to tell you lovingly and kindly when you make mistakes

3.You have things in common already.

Normally, best friends always share something in common. Whatever it may be, you have shared interests and passions that help you spend quality time together. Not only that, it builds a sense of “we” that is integral to a happy marriage.

4.You’ll have a best friend for life.

Whatever happens, good or bad you know they’ll always be there. The person who always lifts you up and wants you to be the best possible for you. The person who makes life fun. It’s your best friend. The one whom you know the longest and never left you behind.

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