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Why do we love those who ignore us?

Immediately, we hear this question, it sounds crazy, right? Why do we have to do that? But if there is no this case, this question won’t be asked as well.

Again, is it worth to attract the ones who dislike us? The answer is not easy to find and explain. To answer this, we need psychological sources to discuss Why Do We Love Those Who Dislike Us?

Because it is worth to do


You know we don't want to take the risk unless we expect for any benefit that is more valuable than negative impacts that might happen. People do things with reasons and most of those reasons are for their own desire. According to the article, "Why do we chase the ones who ignore us," Radwan, the author of "How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You," explains that "Many of our unexplained behaviors have a lot to do with the way our brains work. We humans have brains that believe that whatever is scared is valuable”. These unexplained behaviors that mostly happen when we think what is going to get out of competitive needs is particular to have. In the same article, it continued explaining that marketers use the limited time offer strategy to get more sales because they believe that their customers will be engaged when they know that something they want is going to get out of stock soon.

Because we need acceptance


Everyone was possibly born with some traits that are not common. It can be a kind of weakness or disability, or points are considered in loving choice. So whenever, you are not accepted, you will think about your weakness. Specify to the topic, when you love someone but he seems to ignore you all the time, you yourself may know what the reasons are. But you don’t give up to make him accept you. Why? 

For example,

There is a smart, talented girl whose shape is not attractive. The man who she likes ignores with her. Now she knows that she was rejected due to her shape. But she still wants to be accepted to secure her mind that man would still accept her even though she has a fat shape. This exactly means that she wants to show other that she is still attractive enough althought she has something undesirable.

Because we want to win


It is not about love at all, it’s a kind of gaming. People who are more likely to challenge will keep contacting the ones who rejected their love. These kind of people are so stubborn to give up easily even though they know their reputation will be dragged down by surrounding people's judgment. Ignored day by day, they can get accustomed to this situation and feel free to chase their winning without caring about the ignorance.

We find it hard to explain why many people can fail into this situation. Only applying psychology and critical thinking can picture the reasons. Then, descript into words to explain logically.


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KROCH Udom (Male, 22, an English/Khmer Article Writer at PLAN-B Cambodia, a Leading Japanese IT Solution Company in Cambodia)

"Insecurity makes people insecure. To secure myself, I do my best to secure people around me."

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