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Top 10 tips to content your parents-in-law

You used to live with your own parents since you were born. Now you have been married your wife, so you have two more parents called parents-in-law. In case, you have to move to live with them, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to be a good son-in-law.

Hopefully, you wish you could satisfy them, but you may find it hard to do that. Here are 10 tips of attitude and behavior that can convey you to be a perfect son-in-law.

Be Respectful


Showing respect to older people is very important. Once you have been married and moved to live with your parents-in-law, you have to be respectful with them. Show that they are important as your own parents. Make them see that you are so proud to be their son-in-law even though they are poorer than your family, they have lower knowledge than you have, and so on. Also, with all your wife’s relatives, you have to treat them respectively. 

Be Grateful


Gratitude is a particular characteristics to unify family's harmony. Not only your own parents but also your parents-in-law that you have to gratify them of all time. Parents always expect your high gratitude while they are getting older and weaker. So, if they don’t see any care from you, they will concern how difficult they will be that they have you as their son. As a result, this will probably lead to the argument in any means. Grateful activities are also good examples to teach your children to be grateful like the way you did.

Be Elegant and helpful


Make sure that you are not lazy. To content your parent-in-law, you have to be elegant and helpful. Don’t just only focus on your main job. You should help do any other-related work as much as you can. Help to do housework, take care of your parent-in-law and children. Additionally, be helpful with your neighbors. It is also an action to make your parent-in-law proud of you. Moreover, you will be given more value by your neighbors about your kindness.

Be Manageable

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Every day you clearly know what you have to do. You have to be able to manage your routine work and complete it punctually. Be able to know what kind of work that you have to complete first, and what are the most priorities to deal with time. Furthermore, be ready to handle any agent situation, at least make them see that you tried your best. All of these will make your parents warm when they see you can control the family’s needs.

Be Responsible


A son-in-law might be the most responsible in the family. You have to show that you put your family burden on your head. Involve in all family's tasks, plan and observe the results,  and keep encouraging and motivating family member. Once your family falls into economic crisis, you are the one who is willing to be in charge without hesitation. You have to show that the family’s harmony is your real happiness.

Be Skillful


Besides having main jobs to do, if you have any additional skill, you are so special to your parent-in-law. It doesn’t mean you have to be really skillful on those things. For example, you can play chess well, you are a good driver, or you can sometimes sing so beautifully. If you have one or two...of these talents, you can make them fun.

Be Open-minded

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All parents-in-law prefer to have a son-in-law who is open-minded to all their relatives, at least for them. In other words, parents would like to have a son-in-law who can know about their recent needs, listen to them intentionally, follow their decision and help them without showing any reluctance.

Have a Good Sense of Humor


Spending time with your family to enjoy each other is a good way to tie up family’s harmony. Smile and laugh with them and make jokes in the occasional holiday. Additionally, you can make something challenging by creating fun games...etc. and suggest all family members to join together, and then don't forget to bravo and reward them. Wow! How fun it is!

Don’t Gamble


Playing games for fun with family members is completely different from gambling. Gambling here means you spend time and use the money to bet. Little or much, you must not do this. This is the most hazardous behavior that all parents always wish they would never meet their lives.

Don’t Addict Alcohol


A good son-in-law is not addictive to alcohol. Parents are always looking for someone who does not drink alcohol like a business or a habit. Even though you drink for reasons or you claim that you can control yourself when you got drunk, parents still have worrisome that might be caused by alcohol consumption. If you can avoid this, it is great. You are so special to them.


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