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Can people really fall in LOVE at first sight?

You are really the one who was born to be my partner! Your sparkle eye contact is flirting with my feeling romantically. At this moment, you and I absolutely show to be meant altogether.

Wow! This is so sweet and romantic! But you know most love stories, the scenes of first love are created with the feeling of loving at first sight. The actor and actress accidentally meet with the time that they can show up their interest each other. Now let check whether people can fall in love at first sight or what else!

You are just entertained


In reality, it is just about entertainment. This is the way that authors use to attract audiences. The true love cannot happen at first sight. If you disagree because you yourself experienced it once or twice, but now what? It’s gone. The feeling you had might last about a few days, a week, or month and at the end of this, you will be attracted by the different girls. And we can say that It is just about infatuation.

You are just attracted


It exactly means in real life that when you feel you are falling in love with someone at first sight. It’s not true. It’s not about love that you get from her. You were just attracted by her beauty. It can also the ways she looks like or the ways she makes you feel. But these are not about her at all. And your feeling will change time to time because her beauty will be fade as well, the way she makes you feel attracted, it can be changed to make you feel boring.

Your nature is altering


When you suddenly see someone, and you are automatically interested in. This is because you are so sensitive, you are light-hearted or your sexual hormone is working naturally. You feel familiar with her even though you have never known her before. Sometimes, when you are with your friends, you tend to show your friends that you have a high vision to choose someone in the future.

 The real love might need time. A deeper relationship cannot be found in the feeling of infatuation. You need to take the time to learn each other how well you match each other. It can be about attitude, interest, and lifestyle. Furthermore, some people even consider social status, wealth, caste and family pressure.


Authored by:

Udom KROCH (22, Male), A Khmer & English Article Writer in PLAN-B Cambodia, a leading Japanese IT Solution Company.

“I use my own feeling to love, but to make a chance of love, I use technology”

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