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My unplanned date How romantic it was!

On Friday, the last the day of the week at school,  after finishing my advanced reading class at 11:00 a.m, I was in rush to have lunch as normal. Immediately, in the hall walk, I coincidentally met my friend, Chhon, walking with his friends. We used to study together in the foundation year, but now we are in a different class because of choosing the different major. We had a short talk, then we knew what each of us was going to do.  And you can guess what? we were ready to have lunch individually. Surprisingly, you know? my friend suddenly had an unexpected idea, he suggested having lunch together, even after we had finished our lunch they planned to hang out somewhere else because tomorrow Saturday we wouldn’t have classes.

Now what I want to say? Just tell you about my date with my friends. Yes, but not really. What I would like to share with you is that among peers who were going to date were friends, but except one girl, she was my crush. Haha, I was so shocked that time because I was interested in her since the foundation year, but I never talked directly to her. And you know? to let her know I was interested in her, I decided to chat her online almost every night. To her, I don’t think she was interested in me back, but it was possible because she still replied to me simply. Sadly, I didn’t see any blue-light signs from her that why I hesitated to join that unplanned date. I felt I were not ready and confident enough to face with her, but...I also felt happy to hear that. It could be a good time to know more about her...

If that were you, what would you feel? Would you join that unplanned date?

Finally, I decided to say OK. Suddenly, I glanced at her, and she reacted to me with slightly smiling. I can say that she welcomed to me. Wow!! It was so exciting!

Our date was unbelievable, I have felt something I have never had before. This is an unforgettable memory that I have counted into my life.

It may be too long to describe everything on the date, but I would like to raise some exciting points in common that adults should know about.

Shocking feeling


The shocking feeling can make people less confident in doing things. We will get more nervous when we know that someone possibly in high attention to judge on us. We care about this judgment because we don’t want them to look down on us, instead of that, we prefer to do well to make them proud of us. We need their positive attention on us. Unfortunately, we are not ready. Ideally, try to control your nervousness, be simple, friendly, and true. Make sure you can do something before you say.

Predict we are on the way to be together or not


This unplanned date makes me know that she likes me more than the way she replied through the message. I also feel that she was more attractive than I thought, for example. In unplanned date, we might find something from each other little more real. And this will give us a real percentage whether we should or should not keep going.

How flexible you are to me


Whenever we have an unplanned date, it’s time to be flexible. Something can go wrong that you have to be able to adjust. For example; the date might be about watching a movie, but, unluckily, you don’t have any money left. What should you do? You tell them you are in hurry, and have to go now? It’s up to you. Make sure everyone comfort with your decision.

The unplanned date can be fun or fear. If you are ready, you will get many benefits from it. And you can use this chance to make something beneficial. In contrast, if you are not, you will be fearful. And everything will go wrong. For ideal, try to control your mind, and reflect the wrong situation well.


Authored by:

KROCH Udom (Male, 22, an English / Khmer Article Writer at PLAN-B Cambodia, a Leading Japanese IT Solution Company in Cambodia)

“Insecurity makes people insecure. To secure myself, I do my best to secure people around me”


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