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Questions to Ask to Intimate Your Relationship

How well do you know your partner? Knowing well about your partner can make your relationship more familiar. I don’t know how you treat your partner each other, but if you prefer to improve, it is time for you to ask the right questions. Intimating relationship is as simple as eating rice if you practice questions in each separated part of questions.

1.Asking about life


Asking about your life experience is the most influential questions to intimate your relationship. You can learn from each other at the same time how your partner thinks and feels about those points compared yours. To do this, you can point to many topics; the gladdest thing, procrastination, unexpected lucky, belief, past mistake, conditional idea,  wish, tolerance, spirit, favorite day, decision, influence, regret, and so on.


    1. One day, if you won a lottery 10 million dollars, what would you want to do with that money first?

    2. For example, if you could go back to the past for 10 years backward, what would you want to do with your life?

    3. When you have to make a hard decision, do you tend to follow your heart or brain? why?

2. Asking directly to your relationship about the future plan


In a relationship, both parties would like to hear questions that make them feel that their partner pays close attention to this relationship. Sometimes, it can be a bit challenging because some questions might be too personal. But if you both are on the way to develop your intimacy, here are some concepts you could raise to ask between you and your partner; feeling of the first meet, the first place of meeting, the best point in the relationship, the biggest fear in the relationship, difference, similarity, memory, strength, weakness, affection, vulnerable moment, and so on.


    1. What did you think of me when we met first?

    2. What is the best thing in our relationship that can make you really happy?

    3. Recently, what is your best fear in our relationship?

    4. What do you really want to know about me but you are reluctant to ask me?

    5. If our relationship came to the end, what would it be the reason, you think?

3. Asking for fun


One kind of questions that can make your relationship more familiar is asking for fun. If you are good of humor, you can make people around feel happy. You are an effective medicine to rescue people’s sadness. As a result, you become worth to them. However, you should be able to know the limit of your joke whether it is too serious or not.


1. If tomorrow you got up and lost your memory, what would I do to you, you think?

2. If you were required to confess one embarrassing thing, would it be about?

3. One day, you find out my cheating on you, how do you feel?


Authored by:

KROCH Udom (Male, 22, an English / Khmer Article Writer at PLAN-B Cambodia, a Leading Japanese IT Solution Company in Cambodia)

“Insecurity makes people insecure. To secure myself, I do my best to secure people around me”

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