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Broken Heart
Why Am I So Hurtful?

Some people complain that it hurts so much to lose someone we truly love. Really? Honestly, when you say that you do love someone so much, and you will never live without him/her, this doesn’t mean about love at all. It can be about your high expectation, weaknesses, reputation or scare of judgment that why you feel so painful to get over with your ex. Now it is time to verify with us whether you are regretting her or you are thinking about yourself.

Feel of true love

At least, everyone has a little mind of romance to be hurt. When you love someone with your true mind of love, little or much when you got broken up with them, your true love will never erase immediately. Naturally, it hurts you because your attachment demands to stay with you, but you cannot avoid this fact. To deal with this, time is the best medicine to rescue. But besides waiting time, you can think about other reasons listed down below.

Your high expectation

Another reason makes you so painful is about losing your unfulfilled expectation. It is not about losing her. You might think that you were so important to her. Also, you anticipated that your love will last forever. You expected you would be contented by her from day to day. But now what? Your dream was broken, and now you are regretting it, and you want it back, but you can’t. Hmm! What you can do to relieve your pain is to forgive those expectations. Don’t think that it is a failure. Love is not about losing or winning, it is about peace in mind.

You worry about surrounding judgment

Maybe you worry too much about people’s judgment, especially your friends. You are afraid that people will look down on you, or judge you in negative ways. You concern that others will think that you are not good enough to make someone trust. Relatively, it hurts you because you might think that if she/he chooses to love someone else such as your friends, your classmates, or your co-workers, it clearly makes others criticize you negatively. Ideally, just make sure whether you are the one who made your relationship come to the end or not. If not, don’t worry. Everyone can know the reality today or tomorrow. And this won’t drag down your reputation whole life, and you can recover it if you stay true.

Last words

Generally, at the moment of a broken heart, people start to remind that how meaningless they are. You might be replaced by someone who is better than you. You used to hope that you were the best choice, but you are not. Sadly, you know that there is a third person come to compete with you, and you already know that the loser is you. Hopelessly, you remind that you never have someone else that makes you happy as he/she did.  This unexplained feel that people tend to get hurt when the end of love comes.

Authored by:

KROCH Udom (Male, 22, an English / Khmer Article Writer at PLAN-B Cambodia, a Leading Japanese IT Solution Company in Cambodia)

“Insecurity makes people insecure. To secure myself, I do my best to secure people around me”

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