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5 Signals of Your husband, You Should Not Ignore

To a woman as a wife now, you might be willing to make your family harmonious. Perhaps, you take off your personal interest and needs to fulfill the whole family’s happiness. How responsible you are! But… sometimes your spouse life seems to go wrong, especially about your husband. Curiously, we would like to show you some signs of your husband that you should not neglect and take actions to build up.

1. Avoid meal at home


Once your husband tries to avoid having the meal at home, there can be a few reasons. But I would like to raise up only one. It is that your cooking becomes less delicious. You yourself are careless to your meal quality because you, sometimes, just want to spend less money on food in order to decrease monthly payment or something else.

For the solution, at first, you should not ask him why…? What you have to do is make up your food quality. Later on, if he returns to enjoy having the meal at home. That is the reason. Then, if you want to save money, you should discuss this problem with him directly. But if he doesn’t, perhaps, there is another reason. Maybe, your cooking is still good, but he had eaten outside already for an example.

2. Get home late


Your husband often gets home late that why you think he tries not to have dinner at home. Normally, he arrives home at 10:30 P.M, but now he reaches home at least 12 A.M. He even doesn't tell you any reason, and sometimes gets drunk, and ignores to you while you want him to tell you the reasons without asking him.

Now you want to know why, right?

One possible reason is depression. He might be so stressful due to many problems at his workplace or family issue. Ask yourself, recently, is there any issue happening in your family? If yes, or you can guess because of his work. You know, you can help..

For the solution, what you can do right now, keep calm and listen to his mind. Take care of him and give him support. Make sure that you do not bring him more pressure. Don’t insist to know why he became like that, just do your duties as a good wife. Keep doing these patiently, if he seems not to change his action and mood even several weeks passed, he might have a bad secret to you. What’s that?

3. Less interest in you


Your husband loses interest in you each day. This can be a reason behind. Commonly, many spouses get into the argument, and even decide to divorce because of this natural change. Sadly, no one dares to complain and suggest to replenish this situation. Instead of that he, sometimes, tends to find another partner temporarily.

Actually, your husband doesn’t mean to stop loving you or leave family responsibility behind. He is still your husband, but you need to be valued. You also want your husband to take care of you and treat you sincerely. Now, don’t be broken-hearted and upset dramatically. Take action to solve with us.

For the solution, keep true and patient with your husband but you have to change something. You have to attract your husband physically. Whiten your face by making up, charm him by dressing better clothes than you used to, act your manner little sexy. Do this, your husband will be shocking at first. For ideal, take it step-by-step and try to comfort him honestly.

4. Easy to get mad


Some men are very sensitive to get mad. You can say it is not a big problem, but you know, a big tree comes from just a small seed. At least, you should know why he is so upset about a small problem. If you ignore this, it will become a serious problem one day that is hard to solve and make your marriage life reach the end with sadness.

Ideally, for yourself, stay calm and you know how to hold him down at the moment he is getting mad. If his manner is so aggressive, you should still react patiently. After thing passed, you can talk with him peacefully. Let him know that how scared you were. You do not want to see him in that mood, you want to have a harmonious family.

5. He treats you with disrespect


We can say this is a serious sign in your marriage life. It can be a red flag that your husband tends to show you that your marriage is over. However, it is not exactly like that. Somehow, your husband is out of self-control. Maybe it is hard for you to live with disrespect behavior from your husband. But you also prefer not to leave, what you can do is how you respond to him.

For solution: I think no one can know him better than you. Use your experience with him to solve this problem. However, we would like to recommend that your husband’s disrespect doesn’t always mean he wants to end. You have to see how your husband’s words or actions and yours can affect your marriage. Tell him warmly, and you two have to work on this to recover. In case, both of you have no willing to take responsibility to deal. Exactly, your marriage will be over one day.


Everything! you can sacrifice to keep family delighted, you also need fear of love and integration. However, some situations you cannot demand balance. A husband and a wife must have something different in order to carry family's happiness. To wives, you are the one who has to take a heavier duty to take care of family’s mentality. Ideals for you, all the problems mentioned above are related and each solution can influence and resolve each issue randomly.


Authored by:

KROCH Udom (Male, 22, an English / Khmer Article Writer at PLAN-B Cambodia, a Leading Japanese IT Solution Company in Cambodia)

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