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Make Sure to Dress Appropriately for the First Dating

When you first have to appear in your date, the way you dress is a sign, showing to the other party what kind of person you are and how to live. And to know if you really dressed properly, you should know these things first:

Know the place of dating


Do not expect to get your partner’s interests when you first meet by wearing modern, trendy dresses, but it must match the place where you are dating, whether in the theater, school, home, and wherever, you should ask yourself what kind of clothes people often wear for those places.

Appointment time


After knowing what to wear to fit in, you also need to think about the time. If you make an appointment at a non-holiday school and you're dressed up like a supper singing stars, then this will make your other party feel uncomfortable and worry about others’ criticizing look.

Check out their Facebook profile


To make it clearer, first, you have to go to check their Facebook profile to find out how they liked their dress, their living conditions, and the style of dressing whenever they hangout.


Authored by:

KROCH Udom (Male, 22, an English / Khmer Article Writer at PLAN-B Cambodia, a Leading Japanese IT Solution Company in Cambodia)

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