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Simple reasons to breakup but it is so hurtful

It seems impossible to force someone to stay loving us, and if the feeling of love has gone, it has to be broken up. And, then the pain will come to hurt both parties sadly and inevitably, at least little. Unfortunately, some reasons to split out it means beyond “Out of love” that extra hurts. Therefore, we should know what such reasons are:


“Decided to break up because of having no feel of love anymore” this can be a reason when you want to break up with your girlfriend so that you can not be asked for other reasons that you cannot tell. But this also implies to your partner that because she/he is a bad partner that makes you feel boring in relationship, and don’t want to have any relationship anymore. Being with him/her, you will being harmed, you are unhappy, and you don’t value his/her love good enough to keep in touch with each other.


"Because you want to be a good child", it means that being a good child must not have a relationship? Actually, NO. For this reason, it can only make your partner more painful because they will think that because you have relationship with them, that is why you cannot be a good child. It means because he is a bad guy, his love is a cheating love , have no value at all. For you, there are only trouble and sadness. Even if it's true, you should use appropriate speech with the truth.

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On the other hand, do not take any emotional pressure as a reason such as "break up because your parents are not happy, the date is not compatible and I'm not good enough for you" These are all simple reasons that many people practice to break up, but they may not know that saying such things makes other party downhearted about their self-esteem whether it is not valuable enough to make you sacrifice and keep in touch with you.

In short, if all are unavoidable, "love, stop loving, break up, and then hurt,”  the best option is to tell the truth peacefully because the truth will still be found out one day.


Authored by:

KROCH Udom (Male, 22, an English / Khmer Article Writer at PLAN-B Cambodia, a Leading Japanese IT Solution Company in Cambodia)

“Insecurity makes people insecure. To secure myself, I do my best to secure people around me”

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