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A Talkative Girl Is also a Cute Girl

Generally, in Khmer culture we are less likely to value a girl who has a chit-chat character because it looks inappropriate as a Cambodian girl.


But everything in this universe always has its own beauty, like the garbage smells badly for people, but it is a nutritious substances for the plant or insects, for example.


However, the behavior of each person is always different by the nature of birth and the influence of the environment in which they live. And a talkative behavior also has some good impacts. For instance, many dramatic stories, some actresses have a talkative behavior, but so cute for audience.


Actually, people who are good at talking can create more opportunities for them to express their opinions, but it is important not to talk too much, to hurt others, and to mislead other in any mean.


Another reason is that speaking a lot to people around you can also show your care to those who listen. Although sometimes it sounds like a bit of a curiosity, but the feeling of caring will absorb to the listener’s hearts. However, we should not try to ask about other personal issues too much, it can also lead to argument or hatred.


Finally, People who like to talk much will make others miss them whenever they are absent because the feeling of intimacy and voice become a habit of those people around you. And it's hard for them to forget you.


Authored by:

KROCH Udom (Male, 22, an English / Khmer Article Writer at PLAN-B Cambodia, a Leading Japanese IT Solution Company in Cambodia)

“Insecurity makes people insecure. To secure myself, I do my best to secure people around me”

I love this sentence "it is important not to talk too much, to hurt others, and to mislead other in any mean." 👍
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